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The intimate community of Northfield in the northwest part of the Chicago metropolitan area is home to 5,420 residents.  At Garage Door Repair Northfield, we are proud to call it home as well.  We have built our excellent reputation on superior service, quality of workmanship, timely response, and friendly courtesy at all times.  The residents of Northfield often call us for broken spring repair in Northfield.

Garage Door SpringsNorthfield garage door springs, like those anywhere in the country, do not last forever. Spring repair in Northfieldgarages is necessary periodically, because the pressure on the springs wears them down, and they break.  To fix  door spring in Northfield, it is important to call to our  spring repair professionals to complete the work safely.

Broken spring replacement in Northfield is dangerous because the weight of the door exerts so much pressure on the springs.  Moving parts in the lift mechanism also increase the risk for people who are not trained in the industry.

Garage door springs in Northfield garages assist in lifting the door, either manually or with an electric opener.

Two Types of Broken Spring Repair in Northfield

  •     Northfield torsion spring
  •     Northfield extension springs

When our professionals replace torsion spring in Northfield, they use extreme caution but no time is wasted because they have the training and experience to do the job correctly and safely in a timely way.  Northfield torsion springmechanisms are used on heavier doors, and the large spring in centered at the top of the  door.  Working on your torsion spring in Northfield can usually be handled in one trip by our well-prepared professionals.

Extension springs in Northfield are used on lighter doors.  This type of springs  is mounted in the side tracks of the garage door. Either two or four extension springs in Northfield garages are installed and replaced in sets.

When you need to fix spring in Northfield, our broken spring repair Northfield professionals are courteous and knowledgeable.  In addition to spring repair in Northfield, our contractors can do inspections, installations, replacements, repairs, routine maintenance, and more.

We welcome the opportunity to prove to you that we are the best garage door spring repair in Northfield.  Garage Door Repair Northfield is one call away for broken spring replacement in Northfield and all your other garage door needs.

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