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The 10 Golden Rules of Garage Door Security

The 10 Golden Rules of Garage Door Security
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Thousands of accidents related to several devices or cars occur every year in Minnesota and some of them are unavoidable because they happen due to unpredictable circumstances or issues. At the same time, many injuries are caused by mere carelessness and negligence to obey certain safety regulations. Many public organizations and any garage door repair in Northfield would be able to tell you the basic and most important rules that would decrease the possibility of getting injured from garage door parts.

The 10 golden rules

  •     You must inspect the mechanism every month and make the necessary garage door Rules of Garage Door Securityrepairs.
  •     You must never leave the door open for long, especially if you are not around and you must definitely not leave it half open because it is broken not even for a day.
  •     You must refrain from touching the parts and especially putting your finger in the electric units and the garage door springs when they are in movement.
  •     You must teach your kids about the dangers of the mechanism and keep them away from the garage. You must also place the wall switch in a height they cannot reach.
  •     When the power is out and you don't know how to open the door or you need to fix the broken garage door spring, you should consult the manual of the manufacturer.
  •     Don't ever leave the remote controls in the hands of the kids because they can get hurt easily.
  •     You should check the effectiveness of the reverse mechanism to prevent accidents from a collapsed door.
  •     If your garage motor remote is old, you should replace it with a high tech one; preferably, you should take one with the rolling code technology.
  •     Don't ever leave the garage door clicker inside the unlocked car. There will be a good chance that it will be stolen in the streets of Northfield or end up in the hands of your little ones at home.
  •     Try to get informed about the new products and update the mechanism as often as possible.
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